ON-AIR: Students foster faith on campus

By Hetal Bhatt

While college seems to be the time to give up many things from home, many students say that their religious beliefs aren’t one of them. Senior Liz Jones say that she expected to “put God on the shelf” during her college years but realized a couple years ago that she wasn’t truly happy that way.

“I found myself one day waking up and asking myself ‘Are you really happy and then are you gonna wake up 4 years later and tell yourself you had a good time?’ I felt more emptiness.”

Jones then decided to fill that emptiness, something which her previous lifestyle did not allow her to do. Now, she says her journey toward rediscovering her faith also allowed her to rediscover who she was as a person and start living for herself instead of trying to please the people around her.

“I know what I have to offer. And I’m not depending on expectations, or alcohol, or drugs, or having one-night stands to justify myself because I know I have a lot to offer despite that.”

Jones is now active is many faith-based activities on campus, including her role as a facillitator with the Greek Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. The group meets every week at The Loft on Green Street. University Alum Brian Mann says he started The Loft four years ago as a place for Christian faith-based groups around campus to meet.

“Between student generations of four years, it’s hard to create continuity and so I just helped in creating a sounding board and a resource but the students are the ones who lead. I just help give them insight and guidance from my experience.”

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