ON-AIR: Schedule generator assists campus students

By Dan Howell

Monday marked the rush to the school’s registration web site and the student created schedule generator, Scheedule should ease students in their schedule selection. Junior Suraj Samaranayake and six other computer science students created Scheedule, an automatic schedule generator open to all students. Samaranayake says Scheedule lets students set their schedule for their needs.

“You can set preferences anywhere from what time of the day you want classes, what days you want the lightest loads of classes, if you want your schedule clustered together or spread out, if you want a guaranteed lunch period, and if you need to block out times for work, or meetings, or any other activities like that.”

Scheedule generates every possible schedule for the classes a student enters. Samaranayake says his generator saves time over the usual time-consuming schedule process.

“It takes a lot of the work out of it. You don’t necessarily have to go through all the possible schedules because you can just sort it to give you the best schedule that fits your needs for you. This program does all the work for you so you can get what you want in five minutes as opposed to two hours.”

Once a student schedules their scheedule, the sight gives a link for all the course reference numbers to those courses for use on the University web site. Samaranayake also says Scheedule has features the University does not.

“We have a course catalog, which you can actually make your schedule from the course catalog. And from the course catalog you can also see how many seats are left in the sections and we also have a gen-ed search so it’s really easy to search for gen-eds through our course catalog.”

With more than six-thousand students who used the system for the current fall semester, Samaranayake and his team hopes to see that number grow and the sight expand to other schools.