See Your Soldier

By Dan Hollander

Calling it “the best Christmas present ever,” Jeremy Cavinder, a US soldier stationed at Camp Taji in Iraq, got the opportunity to speak with about 10 members of his family via a video conference program called See Your Soldier, set up by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the University’s Extensions program.

Tears ran freely from both Jeremy and his family’s eyes as they caught up, talking about his experience in Iraq, reminiscing on Jeremy’s first car and marveling about the growth of his son, Noah.

Jeremy discussed the hardships that come from the coupling of violence in Iraq, and the often criticism that often comes from the U.S. public. His family reiterated the admiration they feel for Jeremy’s commitment.

“You’re my hero, dad,” Noah said repeatedly.

The See Your Soldier program links families to their loved ones serving in Iraq by providing 13 locations across the state that can video conference with two different camps in Iraq, Camp Taji (Army) and Camp Al-Asad (Air Force.)