ON-AIR: Ameren has plan to ease the blow of rate jump

By Tuesday Hagiwara

After the energy rate freeze recently failed to pass in the House, Ameren customers could see a fourty percent increase, or up to a dollar a day. Ameren spokesperson Leigh Morris says Ameren plans to enact an optional three year payment program that may ease the blow.

“The phase-in program, which is known as the Customer Elect Program, does require the approval of the Illinois Commerce Commission, and we have a petition before the Commission right now requesting approval of this plan.”

Any Ameren customer will be eligible for the Customer Elect Program. The program would allow customers to pay 14 percent a year, for three years. After three years customers would have to pay interest. The customer remains eligible even if they move, as long as they remain Ameren customers. However, Morris said this may not be the best option if you are no longer an Ameren customer before your three years are finished.