Student patrollers and campus safety

By Sara Rose

There is a group of students people may not know about, yet on these cold nights they’re helping to keep campus safe.

This group is the Student Patrollers and for over 20 years they have had a big role in campus safety.

Student Patroller Jarred Logan says at night these students become the eyes and ears for the University Police Department.

“To go about the campus. If you see something that is not right or suspicious you can go ahead and call an officer and they’ll come and check it out. You know make sure everything is all right.”

One of the jobs of a patroller is helping with the Safe Walks program.

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    Student Patroller Steve Dungeon says this is a great program that he wishes more students were familiar with.

    “Say somebody needs a walk home from when they were studying at Grainger. We’ll go over there, meet them, and escort them to their apartment. And then walk back to our zone and continue patrolling there.”

    The student patrollers also assist with party patrol on the weekends.

    Student Patroller Jarred Logan says sometimes people misunderstand their purpose.

    “If there is a noise complaint called in to the police department we respond first and try to help them out and give them a warning. What a lot of people don’t realize is when we first show up they get angry with us and were just trying to help them out.”

    The Student Patrollers say even though some people don’t appreciate what they do, they enjoy the feeling they get from helping others.