New Board of Trustee member speaks at College of Law

By Terrell Starr

The University of Illinois’ newest trustee James Montgomery delivered the Keynote Address for Black History Month at the University Law School last night.

Montgomery encouraged law students to use their educations not only for financial gain, but for social change as well.

Montgomery hopes that his knowledge of social issues will help facilitate change throughout the university.

“And I think that I bring a lot of experience that’s very varied to the board that may not now exist on the board.”

University President B. Joseph White and Chancellor Richard Herman attended the address. President White feels that Montgomery brings strong qualities to the board.

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    “I think that Trustee Montgomery is a great man. I’ve gotten acquainted with him. He has a distinguished history. I thought that his speech was wonderful and inspiring.”

    Graduate student in education Carlos Wilson says Montgomery’s honesty on issues of race and equality will help the campus environment.

    “Based on the way in which he articulated his position about legal scholarship and the role that minorities have to play in legal scholarship, I believe he will be a very fair and candid advocate for social justice for the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.”

    Montgomery earned his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Illinois and is now a partner at a Chicago law firm.

    The event was sponsored by the Black Law Students Association.