Firefighters respond to possible hazardous material spill

Firefighters discuss a fire that occurred in the Animal Sciences Lab on Gregory Drive in Urbana on Wednesday night. They were waiting to contact the professor who operates the lab to find out the actual cause of the fire. ME Online

By Matt Spartz

Multiple fire trucks were called to the scene of an unidentified liquid spill in a room marked “radioactive” on the forth floor of the Animal Sciences Laboratory, 1207 W. Gregory Dr., Urbana, late Wednesday night.

The unknown liquid showed no signs of radioactivity or other hazards such as chemical reactions or changes in the room’s air, according to firefighters at the scene. Firefighters were attempting to contact the professor in charge of the room to find out what the liquid could possibly be before calling in any hazardous materials personnel, or a Hazmat team.

“It could be anything,” said Brian Nightlinger of Engine 21. “Hazmat is just ‘hurry up and wait.’ It’s best to just be patient and then take the appropriate action.”

The liquid was found under a table in the room on the fourth floor by a maintenance person who contact emergency workers.