Former Miss Jamaica visits the University

By Alex Deiro

Former Miss Jamaica and National HIV and AIDS spokesperson Raquel Wright visited the University of Illinois campus recently.

Wright spoke about her experiences as a Miss Universe contestant and what opportunities it created.

She believes that her participation in the competition motivated her to educate people about HIV and AIDS.

“If I never entered, I would have probably been like so many young people in society, today that just hear about the disease and move on happily about it, ‘Ya people are dying of HIV/AIDS but let me go back to reading my book or trying to get my master’s degree.'”

Wright hopes that her stay at U of I brings more awareness to people, just as she hopes to have the same effect in Jamaica.

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    “Slowly but surely, the word is getting out, and I think in my own ways, they have looked up to me as someone who has good intentions and is a good role model.”

    During her stay, Wright acted as guest-in-residence speaker for the Global Crossroads Community.