Senate against bar restrictions

By Michael Logli

The student senate discussed three resolutions concerning proposed additions to the Champaign Municipal Code relating to binge drinking on campus. Recommended by the Champaign Liquor Advisory Commission, these amendments would prohibit private parties at campus bars, celebrity bartenders and shot servers. If passed by the Champaign City Council on Tuesday, these amendments would take away student rights, said Frank Calabrese, junior in LAS and student senator.

The first proposed resolution by Calabrese opposes banning private parties at campus bars.

The second proposal by Calabrese supports the idea of banning celebrity bartenders, or people who are not employees and are not certified to tend bar.

The third proposal opposes banning the shot server occupation from campus bars, an action that reduces the amount of entry-level jobs for students and promotes gender inequality, he said.

“We are not meant to be a mouthpiece for the city council,” Calabrese said. “We are meant to voice student concerns.”

Discussion centered around the importance of the shot servers and whether or not there would be actual gender disparity in bars, since men typically work as doormen and women typically work as shot servers.

“I don’t think Champaign should play big brother,” said Katie Dunne, junior in LAS.

But because the city council vote is scheduled for Tuesday, passing these resolutions may not have an effect, she said.