Report says roommates’ habits can affect grades

By Colin Bird

If you feel like your roommate’s late-night Guitar Hero marathons are affecting your G.P.A., you’re not alone.

The National Bureau of Education reports that first-year students, whose roommates bring video game consoles, study less and receive worse grades.

Doctor Deidre Weathersby is a counselor at the University of Illinois Counseling Center. She says students often ask for advice concerning video game addiction.

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    “Gaming addiction or internet addiction is certainly something that presents itself to the counseling center, in particular to our alcohol and other drug office were they specifically assess for addiction, so its not uncommon,” Weathersby said.

    Doctor Weathersby says that if your roommate is affecting your studying habits, there are many things you can do. First, seek out your R.A. and talk about roommate conflicts with them. You could even possibly make a contract with your roommate asking them not to play video games until a certain time.

    If that doesn’t work, refer your roommate to the counseling center. Weathersby says a person’s gaming addiction could stem from a deeper issue.

    “Procrastination could come from being bogged down from perfectionism and having trouble even getting started, or it could be an indication of a lack of motivation or depression,” she said.

    The report says that studying instead of playing Guitar Hero for that extra hour each day could earn you an extra one-third of a point on your G.P.A.