Student Senate discusses 2 resolutions

By Michael Logli

The Illinois Student Senate spent their weekly meeting discussing two resolutions impacting student life at the University, but will not vote on the proposals until next week’s meeting.

The senate first discussed the effects of a “stereotype party” that took place on Sept. 28.

The party was listed as an event on the Facebook Web site and encouraged guests to dress up as their favorite stereotypical subject. The Facebook listing to the party encouraged guests to dress as white trash, Nazis and other negative racial and social symbols, said Zenobia Ravji, senior in LAS and student senator.

Ravji proposed a resolution to the senate that would denounce the party theme and label it detrimental to the goals of the University. The resolution also requires the senate to cooperate with the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, cultural houses, Office of Equal Opportunity and Access and other multicultural organizations on campus in this endeavor.

“Some people may think we should ignore it, but this isn’t something we should ignore,” Ravji said. “This is discrimination.”

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    Student senator and junior in LAS Frank Calabrese also proposed a resolution that would encourage the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics to install public drinking fountains in the Memorial Stadium north end zone student section.

    Calabrese said he believes that the lack of access to water creates a health hazard, especially when temperatures rise as during last Saturday’s home game against Wisconsin. Calabrese said the division did not lower the prices of water and other concessions as they promised to a student group last year, including senators.

    Dan Nugent, graduate student and student senator, also expressed disappointment in the lack of handicapped seating in the north end zone student section. The addition of handicapped seating to the section is planned to be added to the resolution.

    “I can tell you from personal experience that every game I’ve had to exchange someone’s tickets for handicapped seating,” he said.