Drivers licenses to become more secure

By Tim Ditman

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is instituting a new design for drivers licenses and identification cards. This coinicides with an upgrade to the technology in the drivers license facilities.

White’s Deputy Press Secretary Henry Haupt said these changes will make the cards among the most secure in the nation.

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    “All of these features together make this card extremely difficult to fake,” Haupt said. “And that’s ultimately the goal is to improve card security.”

    The new cards will be equipped with enhanced security features for easier use by law enforcement. The cards will also have different color schemes depending on classification.

    Drivers licenses for those under 21 will remain vertically-oriented.

    New cards will be issued at driver facilities as current cards expire. Haupt said this process will both be convenient for Illinois citizens and equip the facilities with the upgraded technology.

    “We are installing throughout the state new printers, and these printers can take advantage of this new state of the art security features that are now available to us.”

    More information on the new design is available at cyber drive