Snow clears after rainfall, city issues work orders

By Erica Magda

Dec. 21- Rainfall has eased Champaign’s snow removal process. Still, the city issued around 35 work orders to business properties who had not shoveled their sidewalks by 8 a.m. on Thursday, said Susan Salzman, property maintenance supervisor in the neighborhood service department in Champaign.

A snow removal ordinance initially called for property owners in the Champaign area to shovel their sidewalks by Wednesday at 8 a.m, and was later extended to the next morning when numerous properties were not yet shoveled.

The city made calls and visits to properties on Wednesday that had not complied with the ordinance. Salzman said Wednesday that many property owners said they were unaware of the ordinance.

By Thursday many properties were still not shoveled. Salzman said the city decided to focus their resources primarily on Green St. and downtown. “We had to pick. areas where most people were walking. We did as much as we could in the amount of time we had,” she said.

For those issued work orders, the highest price was $180 on top of a $100 administration fee.

“Everything is quiet today and all the sidewalks in town are clear,” Salzman said.