Urbana officer loses loaded gun

By Stephanie Gomes

According to a press realease, an off-duty Urbana Officer lost his private loaded gun after leaving it on the top of his car at the 3,000 block of Wynstone Avenue, late Thursday afternoon.

Patrick Connolly, Assistant Chief of Police, said the officer was leaving his home in Champaign and after driving 5 miles, he realized he left the loaded fire arm on the top of his car.

The officer conducted a 6 hour search of the area with neighbors on Thursday and reported the incident on Friday. The Champaign, Urbana and the Univeristy police are working together to retrieve the weapon.

Connolly said police have used metal detectors, police dogs and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) to search for the lost weapon.

“It’s an ongoing and daily effort. Unfortunately right now, it’s all being hindered by this snow, so hopefully, when it melts we’ll have a better chance at finding it.”

Connolly said the Champaign Police Deptartment is working with the Champaign School District to inform students about the situation.

“Unit 4 (Champaign school district) released an informational packet they sent out with the students asking them not to touch the weapon if they find it and to find an adult,” he said.

The Champaign Police Deptartment, who are in charge of the investigation, were not available to comment on the investigation.

If a anyone comes across the weapon, they should call 911, he added.

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