Issues with GI Bill arise on campus

By Tim Ditman

Some University servicemen aren’t receiving the benefits they were promised.

Once training is completed, those who serve in the army or navy receive a collection of benefits under the Mongomery GI Bill. This includes monthly funds for higher education which many University students rely on.

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    But lately, some students aren’t receiving it.

    Chris Boyer is a current army national guard member stationed out of Salem and the chairman for the ISS Support the Troops Committee. He said the University could do more to ensure that students are getting the payments they deserve.

    “Theres a whole series of like bonuses, monthly payments that people are entitled too,” Boyer said. “And about a handful of people that I know of aren’t getting them.”

    Every semester, actives and veterans must verify their student status with the GI Bill office by filling out a packet of paperwork. This paperwork is essential if they want to receive money for their education, but they’re not reminded of due dates.

    Boyer said untimely processing of paperwork and misplacement of the files may be reasons to why students aren’t receiving their benefits. But he said he’s not exactly sure how the process needs to be mended.

    “There’s not too much we can do in the short term except see if there’s some way to speed up the process,” Boyer said. “But right now, it’s not looking like there is.”

    People relying on this financial aid will soon find out if their November paperwork was filed correctly, but they can check the status by calling the GI Bill office.