Student senate candidates’ bios

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Charles Blatti

I am a graduate student in computer science. I have participated in many Registered Student Organizations in my five years on campus, including serving as an officer for Habitat for Humanity. I have experienced organizations’ frustrated relationship with SORF, complicated by its archaic, difficult Web site and complex rules. I pledge to challenge the SORF Board into increased accessibility through better Web site search functions and by actively engaging RSOs about the whos, whats, whens and wheres of receiving funds.

Sundeep Kartan

I am a graduate student in the College of Engineering. I started doing my undergraduate degree here back in 2003 and have been active at WPGU for many years now. Over the past few years, I have heard about different groups and organizations feeling as if they were unfairly compensated by the SORF Board. It is my goal to listen to all groups fairly and equally to determine how student money should be allotted to different organizations.

Chris Yoon

Grade: Sophomore, Experience: One year. Currently youngest board member, potential for few more years. This puts me in a good position to stay on longest, allowing maximum experience/consistency. Nobody can immediately go into SORF Board and become the best; it doesn’t work that way. Your experience of the bylaws, rules, regulations coupled with your discernment and neutral judgments results in the best possible outcomes. This is what I have to offer if you for vote me.

Trifone Whitmer

Trifone Whitmer is running for SORF Board and ISS – Eng D. Only three of the current SORF members are running, and I can help provide continuity, as I have attended nearly every meeting. As for ISS, I am running on three issues: fiscal responsibility, professors’ teaching quality and campus safety. I will work to balance the university budget, incentivize professors to be interested in teaching and work to update the emergency booth system.

Vikram “Vic” Chaudhery

Junior in electrical engineering. Actively involved in Engineering Council, helping create leadership and career opportunities in the College of Engineering. As the next natural step, I would like to further my work for the benefit of the campus community as a SORF Board and Student Senate member.

Primary goals: safety, library facilities, recycling in Champaign, bus routes.

Facebook Group: Vikram Chaudhery for SORF Board/Student Senate.


Aderinola Adeyemo

My name is Aderinola Adeyemo. I am running for Student Senate through the College of ACES. As a member of Illinois Student Senate, I plan to be not another voice of the student body doing nothing with his position, but a voice who would want to act on potential changes, knowing that the changes will progress our campus. I am truly the candidate that cares about the campus because it is shaping my life along with my fellow classmates’ lives.

Michael T. Jones

My name is Michael Jones, and I am running for Student Senate for the college of ACES. I am a junior from Darien, Ill., and I am an agricultural finance major. If I am elected as your next student senator, I promise to bring increased security, better relations with the student body and more accountability for the ISS on this campus. We are your voice, and you need to be heard.

Sean Mills

My name is Sean Mills. I am a policy, international trade and development major in ACES. I am an active member of the Illinois Student Senate’s Governmental Affairs Committee. Recently my proposal for safer crosswalks passed through Student Senate; Champaign officials are taking action. I will take an active role and continue the proud tradition that is ACES. I will represent ACES by securing greater opportunities for its students. I miss the Chief.

James Roring

I am junior majoring human nutrition and minoring in chemistry. I firmly oppose Global Campus. I am a strong supporter of keeping Unofficial. I vow to make the University of Illinois a much safer campus, for the peace of mind in behalf of the students and their parents. I am an ACES senator, and I vow to continue undertaking the responsibilities of being a contributing voice for the College of ACES.


Kevin Fritz

As a person with a disability, Kevin knows firsthand that a lack of diversity and multicultural awareness is one of the most important issues at the University of Illinois. It is crucial that new programs be implemented to provide opportunities to those underrepresented. By combining his knowledge of the Student Senate with his programming skills from the Illini Union Board (where he is a director), Kevin is confident that he can remove racial stereotypes and barriers and cool down the current campus climate. Additionally, Kevin has a bad back. Instead of lugging around a 7,000-page book about the brain, Kevin plans to work with the University to implement a more consistent option for eBooks on campus. Plus, eBooks are not as expensive. Meaning, more money for other necessities like food…

Business – Seat A

Arthur Bohleber

My name is Arthur Bohleber, and I’m from the small town of Carmi, Ill., in southern Illinois. Among keeping important issues in mind, I vow to always keep an open mind and be readily available to anyone who has questions or concerns. Listening to the students I represent is by far the best way to make the voice of the student body heard. Plus, I’m the only candidate for the job!

Business – Seat B

Tyler Deitz

If elected, I will set permanent office hours so you can always contact me. Campus security also needs to get its priorities in order. I am in a parking lot illegally for 15 minutes, and I get a ticket, but then in the same lot someone gets sexually assaulted the same night. We must fix things like this. Our money is not more important than our safety; they already have enough of our money.

Jim Hanauer

Jim Hanauer is running for re-election for business administration. During his time representing the College of Business. He has served on the student rights committee and is the only student senator on the NCAA recertification process. Jim wants to tackle important campus issues such as the recycling on our campus, keeping our tuition low and keeping Unofficial. Most importantly, he will continue to vote in favor of the students’ rights every time.

Michelle L. DeKeyrel

Michelle DeKeyrel is a junior in Business and spending a semester abroad in Singapore. While on campus, Michelle is involved in Business Council, her social sorority and various other endeavors. Her main goals for Illinois Student Senate are the push for increased global experiences for all, increased campus safety and improved campus facilities.

David Brian Hernandez

I am a freshman from Harwood Heights, Ill., and I am running to be a student senator in the College of Business. I am majoring in accounting and finance with a minor in political science. If elected to be your student senator, I vow to fight for more pop machines in the cafeteria and insure that recess will be twice as long as it is now. Lastly, we will never have class on Fridays.

Business – Seat C

Naja Hawk

I am an 18-year-old freshman in the College of Business. I plan to major in entrepreneurship and to further my education by attending law school. I have previous experience in clubs in executive offices, such as Student Council and Business Professionals. The knowledge I gained while in these positions will assist me in my goal to listen to the voices of the students and make those voices heard.

Rohit Dhake

Junior: finance

I’ve worked on the Illinois Student Senate for the last two years, this past year as the vice chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee. Illinois’ College of Business is a world-class institution, and I will devote my time to keeping it that way. My top priorities are better alumni relations for recruiting purposes, increasing funding, faculty retention and freeing up professors’ time so they can spend more personal time with students.


Iain Duguay

Iain is a junior in the College of Communications majoring in media studies. His first priority is to be the voice of students on campus. He’ll accomplish this by fighting for these issues: revising professor evaluations/ICES forms and better publicizing the results for students, improving the safety of students on campus and cutting the amount of money you need to spend on unnecessary fees and expensive textbooks. Don’t forget to vote!

Engineering – Seat A

Felix Wang

Felix Wang is a freshman in electrical engineering and is a student staffer for the Illinois Student Senate for the vice president external, Jason Webber. Through this position, he has already contributed to the utility of the Illinois Student Senate in the form of research and other various tasks. If elected to ISS as a senator, he hopes to provide more research opportunities and resources to students.

Vikram “Vic” Chaudhery

Junior in electrical engineering. Actively involved in Engineering Council, helping create leadership and career opportunities in the College of Engineering. As the next natural step, I would like to further my work for the benefit of the campus community as a SORF Board and Student Senate member.

Primary goals: safety, library facilities, recycling in champaign, bus routes.

Facebook Group: Vikram Chaudhery for SORF Board/Student Senate.

Engineering – Seat B

Brad Tran

Brad Tran is a first-year student at the University of Illinois pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. He has been active in the Illinois Student Senate since his arrival on campus, in addition to becoming involved in a variety of other activities. Brad Tran is fully dedicated to serving the University of Illinois and ensuring the voice of the student body is heard.

Engineering – Seat C

Jeff Schroeder

Hello, I’m Jeff Schroeder, a freshman in general engineering. As college students, we produce loads of trash, much of which comes in the form of old class handouts and plastic bottles. Many believe it’s a shame that many buildings on campus offer little or no opportunity to recycle. It’s my priority to ensure that you can easily recycle that Vitamin Water from “late night” or last week’s exam in any building associated with the UI.

Engineering – Seat D

Ashleigh Hamrick

My name is Ashleigh Hamrick, and I’m in the College of Engineering, group D. Ashleigh is a sophomore from Springfield, Ill. She is majoring in bioengineering and will pursue an international minor after studying in Italy this summer. She participates in Orange Krush, Block I and other groups within Illini Pride. She is the vice president of Hendrick House Government and a member of Students for Chief Illiniwek. Ashleigh wants to expand the University’s emergency plan beyond the text message system and ensure that students feel safe on campus.

Trifone Whitmer

Three of the current SORF members are running, and I can help provide continuity, as I have attended nearly every meeting. As for ISS, I am running on three issues: fiscal responsibility, professors’ teaching quality and campus safety. I will work to balance the University budget, incentivize professors to be interested in teaching and work to update the emergency booth system.

Graduate Studies

Patrick Lynch

Patrick Lynch, current senator representing graduates, will continue working for changes in the student fee refund policy. He wants reform in graduate participation in SORF and elimination of the SORF fee assessed during the summer semester, which he believes unfairly targets grads. He will work for more autonomy for the Graduate and Professional Affairs Committee (, and always seeks better avenues to communicate with his constituents than this paper.

Zenobia Ravji

This will be my fourth senate race – two-thirds of which I successfully won during my freshman through junior years. I feel that one of the issues that deserve more attention on campus is increasing multiculturalism and diversity. This is not only an integral part in creating a more well-rounded and accepting campus but a means to breaking down self-segregation among students of different backgrounds.

Jason Webber

Jason Webber is the current vice president external who brought ISS meetings to weekly telecast with cooperation of WILL/UI-7. He feels that the dean of Engineering has not followed through with promises to rebuild the Nuclear Engineering program and fill vacant faculty lines in a timely manner. He is also writing a strategic directive to revitalize the MBA program and attempting to court Hugh Hefner to donate to the University to renovate Lincoln Hall and Assembly Hall.

LAS – Seat A

Yousif Alrawi

Make Yous of the power, vote Yousif Alrawi. Be sure that when you are voting for Yousif for LAS-A, you are voting for a friend who is dedicated to be your voice, represent your concerns and fight for your right under all circumstances. Ask not what you can do for me, but ask what I can do for you. Go to for campaign goals and qualification.

LAS – Seat B

Frank Calabrese

Frank Calabrese is a twice-elected senator with a long history of campus leadership. This year, Frank worked closely with the city of Champaign to implement the current snow removal ordinance. Unlike last year, the sidewalks on Champaign, particularly the sidewalks along Green Street, are now cleared after snow accumulation. Also, Frank successfully fought the city of Champaign’s proposed liquor ordinance that would have outlawed both private functions at bars and “shot girls.”

Katie Dunne

I have been involved in Illinois Student Senate since 2005 and am the student body vice president. I have extensive knowledge about the operations of this campus, having worked personally with top administrators, the faculty senate and numerous student groups. I helped organize projects including the Sexual Health Awareness Campaign, Administrator Meet and Greet in the residence halls, C-U Racial Profiling investigation, Boneyard Creek Clean-up and many more.

Bethany Gasperin

I’m a sophomore in LAS, and my two main platforms are student safety and a “greener” campus. Making sure the students feel safe and comfortable on campus should be the number one priority of the University. With this, taking care of our campus should be a priority for the students. One main way to do this is implementing campuswide recycling. I promise to work hard for the students and their rights!

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble,”-Helen Keller.

Jaclyn O’Day

Jaclyn O”Day is running for re-election in LAS, category B. Her focus is to protect students from unfair treatment, especially in regards to police and administrators. She has been serving students by increasing the awareness of the “Know Your Rights” campaign through tailored informational talks to RSOs, pocket-size cards with suggestions to stay safe and smart on Unofficial, and through her efforts she will continue to make the senate more transparent on campus to better serve students’ needs.

Meg Schroeder

Meg Schroeder is running for re-election as senator in the College of LAS as a speech communications major. Meg has served on the Committee on Student Rights, attended the Association of Big Ten Students conference as a student representative, actively sought out student thoughts and concerns and defended student rights. Meg Schroeder supports initiatives to enhance campus safety and keep student fees at a minimum and wishes to continue to represent the student voice.

Amelia Wallrich

My name is Amelia Wallrich, and I am a freshman English major running in the LAS Humanities category. Over the past year I have been a staffer for the VP internal of ISS, working on projects to promote campus accessibility and student safety. I would like to continue working for the student body and would endeavor to keep tuition costs low, promote a tolerant campus environment and improve campus accessibility. Everyone wins with Wallrich!

Reginald L. Wynne Jr.

If I am elected to student senate, I will try my best to accomplish great things. I believe it’s important that changes are made, but they can’t be made if I don’t have you all behind because together we can achieve many things. I plan to tackle small things first and move to bigger things with all the people who support me in wanting a change.

LAS – Seat C

Heidi Tucker

I am studying abroad in Singapore and am running to be a physical sciences/mathematics LAS student senator. As a student senator, I hope to bring an international perspective to Illinois. While integrating myself into cultures on three continents, I have developed a feel for the international community and hope to change the senate perspective to one that thinks globally as well as locally. Vote Heidi Tucker.

LAS – Seat D

Brian Afshar

My name is Brian Afshar, and I am a junior in political science. For years as a UI student, I have accumulated several pertinent concerns that have come to my attention as necessary topics of the student body. As a candidate for ISS, I would like to pass three issues that characterize my candidacy of change and progress: safety implementations, 24-Hour CRCE/IMPE and extended SafeRide hours/boundaries.

Hanno Becker

I decided to run for Student Senate this year because I believe in the voice of the student body. In my three semesters here on campus, I have come to realize that our voice is not heard concerning important decisions made by this university. As a student senator, I will put my belief that students are the heart of this university into practice and will work toward bringing our university back to the students!

Chris Boyer

As the LAS-D debate showed, I’m one of the few candidates with real solutions to University issues. I will work to increase University funding by campaigning for state candidates who are proponents of increasing funding. I will do this by coordinating with student and alumni organizations in a grassroots effort. I will also work with Academic Affairs to establish a database that tracks complaints against professors and gives students access to the information, increasing accountability.

Andy P. Colgan

My name is Andy P. Colgan, and I am a sophomore majoring in political science. I am a member of the Delta Chi fraternity and the Political Science Club and have worked the Illini Union Board in the past. As your senator, I would bring accountability to the Student Senate so it becomes an effective governing body for the University. I will focus my efforts on campus safety, cultural awareness, lowering textbook prices, and of course, preserving the tradition of Unofficial.

Kyle Gordon

Junior transfer student in economics from Chicago. Against Global Campus and any form of watering-down of an Illinois degree. Won’t waste time on trying to bring the Chief back, but will make sure such major decisions are made with the consent of the student body. Won’t waste your money on a “greener” campus. Will investigate where extra tuition dollars are being spent. Hates the Wisconsin Badgers.

Kaitlyn Haistings

To make improvements for this institution, I would like to propose a few resolutions; green campus and safety are of major concerns, and on these issues I would stand firm. My background includes speech communication and political science, with experiences in and outside U of I. That’s why I can, and will if elected, represent the students and what’s being neglected. When faced with the choice later this week, vote Kait the Great: a candidate to keep.

Adam J. Hood

I am Adam J. Hood. I am a political science major with pre-law interests. Some of my leadership experience includes working at Memorial Stadium as an usher supervisor, being the treasurer of the Illini Guides Campus Committee, which is the group that schedules and coordinates the entire University housing move-in, and being on the Weston Orientation team. If elected, I will do all in my power to help the student body get what they need.

Ben Jarrett

The Ben Jarrett for re-election campaign stands for the following things. I have spent my first year on the senate defending the rights of the students and educating them about the rights they may not know that they have. I will continue to do so. In addition, I would like to increase the relevance of the Student Senate to the average student and to increase the influence of the Student Senate on the administration and those who make the real decisions regarding this campus.

Maria Magginas

Maria Magginas is an out-of-state junior from Washington, D.C. She is running for the senate in LAS-D to provide a strong voice for the student body, as well as keeping the senate more accountable and accessible to students. Maria is involved in the Student Alumni Ambassadors, campus tour guides and recruits out-of-state and minority perspective students for the university. She hopes her past leadership experiences can bring some fresh, new insight in the senate.

Maria would appreciate your vote and support! Please contact her at [email protected] for more information!

Max McClintock

Vote for leadership. Vote for experience. Vote for change. Through my experience in the ISS, I know what it takes to be an effective student senator. As senator, I will fight to lower textbook prices, elevate the ISS to its original position as the official voice of the students through strict accountability and work to foster diversity and multicultural awareness on this campus. It is time to elect new, qualified members who are committed to putting student money to good use. On elections days, vote for someone who will fight for your needs. Vote Max McClintock for Student Senate.

Trenton Morrow

My name is Trent Morrow. I hail from Little Rock, Ark. I am a student in the economics department here at the University. I do research as staff for the University Budget Committee, in addition to many other activities. My experience here has told me that our University is starving for funding to fund diversity programs, perform renovations, and so on. Vote Morrow! I pledge to increase funding from state, corporate and alumni sources.

Ramsen Zacharia

Ramsen Zacharia is a political science major who hopes to serve as the voice of LAS on the Student Senate. He has extensive experience involving community service across the nation as well as experience as a staffer for the current vice president internal of the Student Senate. If elected, Ramsen hopes to increase campus safety, increase the standing and funding of the LAS college and increase senators’ accountability for their actions. Vote Ramsen Zacharia!

LAS – Seat D

Matthew Reschke

Matthew Reschke is a sophomore who has taken an early role as a leader as the vice president in his fraternity. A citizen of Poland, South Africa, and Canada. A student that spent 10 months sailing around the world, he is a worldly candidate. He has experienced things that have helped mold him into a truly unique candidate.

Irene Sukhnatska

I am a freshman at the UI and plan to go to law school after completing undergraduate school. I am involved in the ISS Governmental Affairs Committee, and I am the VP secretary of the LAS Council. I will lobby in Springfield to lower tuition or at least keep it from increasing. I will support cultural organizations and organizations that encourage a more inviting and amicable campus to all international and new students.

Charitee Rummage

My name is Charitee Rummage and I am running for Student Senate in the College of LAS. I am a sophomore, and I have a strong desire to work with other leaders in the continual improvement of our campus. Here are a few of the areas that need particular attention: A safer campus! Making students aware of their rights! Increase parking spaces around campus! Lobbying our campus administration! Campus renovation! Lobbying our state government!

The following senate candidates did not respond to an invitation to publish their profiles in this edition of The Daily Illini:

Emily Ganschinietz, Dani Postula, John Vasko, Joe Glenn, Roberto Martell Jr., Carlos Daniel Rosa, Paul D. Schmitt, Brad Torppey, Michael Boshardy, Jocindee Sancho, Thomas D. Neff, Brett Kovarik, Brandon Ruzic, Frank Christiano, Yong Han Yeong, Ivan Bojilov, Robert D. Gregg, Benjamin Masters, Jessica Remke, Angelica Vargas, Dan Weber, Nicholas Noltuc, Kurt Thomas, Casey Lewis, Robert Keller, Michael McDonough and Anthony Kirsch.