Commission fines trustee candidates for breaking flier rules

By Michael Logli

Student trustee candidates Paul Schmitt, junior in LAS and former Illini Media employee, and Rob Main, junior in Business, were both fined $75 by the Student Election Commission for violating student election rules and the student code during their campaigns.

Main admitted to posting fliers on poles along Wright Street, and Schmitt admitted to moving or removing fliers he said were intentionally posted over his own.

Both candidates had several complaints filed against them either by their opponent or by an outside party.

Main said that Schmitt had been involved in ripping down fliers hours after they were put up in areas such as Lincoln Hall.

“I’d put them up on Sunday afternoon, and by evening, they were completely gone,” Main said.

Schmitt said Main organized groups of people to post over his campaign posters.

These people include pledges in Main’s fraternity and members of the Illinois Student Senate.

Schmitt also sent eight pictures showing evidence of the infractions to the cell phone of David Mangian, co-chair of the Student Election Commission.

Both candidates also said third parties were involved in tearing down fliers for various reasons.

“I know for a fact that there are people not directly related to Rob and I that are tearing stuff down,” Schmitt said.

Because of the number of complaints filed and the definite infractions of student code involved, the commission combined the complaints against each candidate into one large complaint.

This was also done because many of the complaints were based on hearsay, and the commission did not want to fine the candidates more than the maximum amount per infraction of $150, said Kevin Shields, co-chair of the Student Election Commission.

“We’re aware that third parties are involved, but we keep getting complaints from the both of you about each other,” Shields said.