Herman: City needs to act, address overall security of UI

By Michael Logli

During his introductory speech at Monday’s Champaign-Urbana Senate meeting, Chancellor Richard Herman spoke about attending the memorial service at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Ill., this weekend. Because of tragedies such as this, Herman said that the University is still looking into better ways to increase campus safety.

“We have a number of efforts under consideration, and a number of efforts currently implemented,” Herman said.

Herman also informed the senate that he will attend the Champaign City Council meeting on Tuesday to discuss what he said he believes is an unacceptable response to Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day.

“It is my intention to go to the City Council meeting,” Herman said. “Safety is my concern. It’s gotten worse.”

Herman said that he wants to convince the City Council and the liquor commission to take responsibility for the actions of Scott Cochrane, who added a second day to Unofficial this year and plans to bus in students from other schools to the event. These actions will likely lead to increased parking violations, increased underage drinking and other negative consequences for the University and its students, Herman said.

“We are letting Mr. Cochrane define who we are, and at the end of the day that is unacceptable,” Herman said. “We have to find a way to get the city to act.”

The senate’s Committee on Equal Opportunity also withdrew its resolution regarding the use of Chief Illiniwek symbols in the annual Homecoming parade. Connie Shapiro, professor in ACES and committee member, said that the committee plans to come back with a revised resolution in the future.

Nicholas Burbules, head of the Senate Executive Committee, said that the intention of the bill was never to end the Homecoming parade, and believes the resolution’s withdrawal will help to make it better.

“I think they’ve made the right decision,” Burbules said.