Student senate attempts to fix Big Ten Network woes

By Michael Logli

The Illinois Student Senate discussed a resolution Wednesday night that may solve the inaccessibility problems students experienced regarding the Big Ten Network.

This resolution would encourage the Illinois General Assembly to pass two bills, creating an independent arbitrator to help cable providers work with independent stations like the Big Ten Network and allow the independent mediums to broadcast. The resolution will be voted on next week.

Rohit Dhake, junior in Business and member of the Governmental Affairs Committee, spoke to the senate about how the resolution would help students in the residence halls and students living in apartments outside of the University. Some leasing contracts do not allow students to purchase and install a satellite dish and the resolution can assist these students as well, Dhake said.

“Right now people can’t get their Big Ten games,” Dhake said. “They can’t see basketball or football games.”

The senate also passed a resolution asking the Urbana-Champaign Senate’s Conference on Conduct Governance Committee to amend a section of the Student Code that would discourage professors from issuing exams the week before finals week, which the resolution said would help reduce stress levels for students during finals week.

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