Nader tosses his hat into 2008 elections

By Brittany Patterson

Just when voters thought they might see a presidential ballot without Ralph Nader’s name, Nader decides to jump in the race for his fourth consecutive election.

The Champaign Republican leader, Jason Brickman said that he normally likes having Nader in the race because his presence helps the Republican candidate.

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But this year, he doesn’t believe Nader’s campaign will have much of an effect.

“Nader certainly doesn’t have the following that he once had,” Brickman said. “His support and poll numbers have dropped significantly since the first time he ran for office.”

Nader ran as the Green Party candidate in both 1996 and 2000. In 2004, Nader began as the Green Party representative, dropped out, and re-entered as an independent.

He has decided to keep that independent status for this year’s election.

Joe Futrelle is a member of the Prairie Green Party which represents the Champaign district. He said that he’s dissatisfied with Nader’s participation with the Green Party.

“Ralph Nader has caused some problems for the Green Party in that he acts very independently,” Futrelle said. “So he doesn’t work with us on our nomination process.”

Nader has been campaigning in presidential elections since 1996. He turned 74 last week.