Cost of summer classes at Parkland to increase slightly

By Dan Howell

Students choosing to stick around the area over the summer and take a few classes at Parkland College will see the school dip a little deeper into their pockets.

Parkland charges tuition based on credit hours, and starting in the summer term that fee will go up from $79 to $84.

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    That’s just a $5 per credit hour hike, but one that Controller Chris Randles said is necessary.

    “We do have some deferred maintenance items and some longer term construction things that we’re hoping to fund or begin to fund. Mostly this facility out here at Parkland.”

    Some Parkland students say they’re indifferent about the hike because taking classes at the University would be much more expensive.

    The new costs will be used in roof repairs, updating student lounges, and repairing floor and bleacher issues in the gymnasium.

    Parkland receives revenue from state funding, property tax revenues and student tuition, and Randles said some of those funds could be up in the air.

    “We don’t know what the state funding is going to be next year either,” Randles said. “So some of the budgeting that you’re doing for the year, you don’t know all the pieces to the puzzle yet.”

    The new tuition price kicks in on July 1.