Odds and Ends: Firefighter saves dog’s life performing mouth-to-snout

By The Associated Press

WEST MONROE, La. – A firefighter performed mouth-to-snout resuscitation and revived a small dog he found lifeless in a burning mobile home.

When firefighters arrived at the blaze in northeastern Louisiana Friday, a resident of the house approached firefighter Stephen “Odie” Odom and told him two dogs were trapped inside.

Odom entered the house and found the two terriers in pet carriers in a smoke-filled room.

When he removed one of the dogs from its carrier, Odom noticed it was not breathing. The firefighter removed his face mask and placed the dog’s head inside.

When the oxygen didn’t work, Odom began performing CPR on the dog by “cupping my hands around the dog’s snout and blowing until I could feel his chest expand,” he said.

Five minutes later the dog began looking around.

“We do not know the dog’s name, but we could just call it ‘Lucky,'” Meachum said.

Telemarketer’s caller ID invokes hit song from 1980s

WILMINGTON, Del. – Someone with a little knowledge of musical golden oldies is jangling nerves in Delaware.

Some people getting late night and early morning telemarketing calls in the Wilmington area have been doing a double take when they see the number on their caller ID: 867-5309. That’s part of the title of a 1980s hit – “867-5309/Jenny” – by the band Tommy Tutone.

Lindsey Vitalo of the Pike Creek got one of the calls at 4:20 a.m. Sunday. She answered, fearing the call was about a family emergency, but got a mortgage refinancing pitch.

At least two other people have told The (Wilmington) News-Journal about similar calls, and others have reported the calls in online forums, with more than five dozen complaints logged Tuesday at CallerComplaints.com.

They haven’t been able to call back to protest, because there is no 867-5309 in Delaware’s 302 area code.