Champaign to analyze results of pedestrian safety, traffic light programs

By Jeremy Werner

The Champaign City Council will be looking into pedestrian safety during its study session Tuesday night.

During the meeting, staff will bring forward the results of the Downtown Traffic Signal and Pedestrian Safety Study, designed to look for needed improvements for traffic lights in the downtown area.

Currently, the city of Champaign has projects at the intersection of University Avenue and Randolph Street proposed for 2009, as well as working on the median on University Avenue between Market and Chestnut streets.

The study was part of the city’s Traffic Signal Master Plan, designed to locate and replace traffic signals in certain areas. The plan was approved in 2006. Some of the reasons a signal may need to be replaced are the age of the underground components, its condition, signal visibility and/or having two intersections on one controller. They also look at any way pedestrian safety can be improved.

Champaign City Council meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the City Building.

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