Odds and Ends: Idaho wildfire uncovers remnants of Oregon Trail

By The Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho – A wildfire that damaged or destroyed nearly 20 homes in Idaho last month also revealed remnants of the Oregon Trail, a famous path left more than 100 years ago by pioneers as the United States expanded west.

Members of the Idaho Chapter of the Oregon-California Trails Association plan to mark portions of the Oregon Trail now visible after the Aug. 25 fire.

Before the blaze, two parallel paths totaling about a half-mile had been covered by sagebrush and cheatgrass. The paths, which are light depressions in the ground, stretch across a field below a ridge where the homes burned.

The paths were discovered in satellite photographs taken days after the fire.

Association member Wally Meyer told the Idaho Statesman that the last wagon through southeast Boise probably crossed the plain about 1890 on the property, now owned by the Idaho Power Co., which is negotiating with the group to allow signs along the newly found paths.

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    Investigators have concluded that an equipment failure on one of the company’s electricity lines ignited the fire.

    NYC man charged with selling stolen bras on Web

    NEW YORK – A New York man has been charged with selling $80,000 worth of stolen Victoria’s Secret bras online.

    Prosecutors say 41-year-old George Tutaya was arraigned Tuesday on charges of possessing stolen property. He faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.

    A telephone call to his attorney hasn’t been returned.

    Prosecutors say Tutaya used eBay auction and PayPal payment accounts to sell the brassieres for about $25 each. The bras made by the Columbus, Ohio-based retailer sell for $40 to $80.

    Prosecutors say records recovered at Tutaya’s home in Queens link him to the sale of more than 2,000 bras.

    From Associated Press reports