Odds and Ends: College freshman lives in same dorm room as his dad

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Following in his father’s footsteps at Michigan State University is one thing.

But moving into in the same dorm room his dad did three decades ago has been a coincidence like no other for Mike Robell.

The Dearborn Heights freshman has moved into B310 Emmons Hall – the same room occupied by 50-year-old Rich Robell in 1978. What are the odds? The East Lansing university has about 8,000 rooms.

Rich Robell tells The Detroit News he suspected it was his old room. The proof came from a university archivist, who located a 1978 student directory.

Housing complex manager Tim Knight says it’s the first time in his 37-year tenure that he’s aware of a parent and child having the same room by chance.

Solitary Mass. sheep makes highway median its home

MANSFIELD, Mass. – A solitary sheep is living life in the fast lane.

An animal shelter worker spotted the sheep last week grazing just feet from traffic on a wooded highway median near Mansfield.

How it got there is a mystery, but police first received reports of the animal about a year ago at the junction of Interstates 495 and 95. A number of rescue efforts have failed because the animal is afraid of people, and authorities are wary of using tranquilizers because a drugged animal could wander onto the road.

North Attleboro shelter volunteer Linda Faber contacted a sanctuary in New York that offered some suggestions for catching the sheep. One idea is to set up a pen with another sheep to take advantage of the flock instinct.

“The longer that the sheep is there, the more likely he or she will be too wild to approach,” said Susie Coston, national shelter director for the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, N.Y.

From Associated Press reports