Provena Covenant continues to fight for its tax-exempt status

By Andrew Malone

It seems that the controversy over the tax-exempt status of Provena Covenant Medical Center is far from over.

Provena Covenant officials held a teleconference today in the wake of the ongoing legal dispute over whether or not the Urbana hospital should be recognized as a charitable institution. This recognition would allow the medical center to forego state property taxes.

A recent ruling by the 4th District Court in Illinois determined that the hospital did not meet the requirements for exemption, which overturned a July 2007 decision in favor of Provena Covenant’s exempt status.

Cody Sokolski, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Provena Covenant, expressed his surprise at the ruling and invoked an appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court as the next step.

Father William Grogan, System Director of Ethics for the hospital, expressed similar sentiments and indicated that the final ruling could be a precedent in future cases involving other non-profit organizations and hospitals.