Champaign clarifies Fat Sandwich’s alcohol delivery options

By Stephen Spector

The city of Champaign and Fat Sandwich Company owner Adam Pearlman are in agreement regarding the restaurant’s ability to deliver alcohol.

Following Monday’s meeting, the sandwich shop will be able to deliver liquor. Pearlman’s liquor sales are capped at 40 percent of total sales.

Of that 40 percent, a maximum 15 percent can be sales generated from delivery. But delivery after midnight is forbidden.

Assistant city attorney Laura Hall called the meeting amicable.

“They wanted to make sure I understood what was going on and that I was safe with my distributions,” Pearlman said. “I guess I’m satisfied. They’re concerned with underage drinking and alcohol-related injuries. They’re just doing their best to keep campus safe.”

Pearlman’s first encounter with the city stirred uncertainty as to the interpretation of the liquor laws.

“Sure it was unfortunate,” Hall said. “But I would encourage anyone going into business with alcohol to seek legal counsel of their own.”

Pearlman said that Mayor Gerald Schweighart plans to appeal the package rider and make it illegal to deliver liquor under the law’s intricacies. Schweighart was not available to comment.

Fat Sandwich’s delivery drivers must be Training for Intervention certified, a common certification among bartenders. Additionally, eligible drinkers must order with a credit card and prove identification upon delivery.

Hall believes the entire incident will elucidate Champaign’s liquor licenses.

“I think it will clarify our view on the deliver of alcohol,” Hall said. “It was perhaps not clear at first.”