Rietz hangs on to position as state’s attorney

At roughly 9:45 on election night, Julia Rietz walked into the Brookens Administrative Center, prepared to see if she’d be continuing her run as Champaign County state’s attorney.

“I’ve gotta go check my numbers,” said Rietz upon entering.

The numbers proved to be in Rietz’s favor, and she will continue serving as the Champaign County state’s attorney after winning against Republican challenger Janie Miller-Jones. As of 11:54 Miller-Jones had not conceded.

Rietz spoke of her enthusiasm for the results of the election.

“I’m pleased with the results. They have confirmed what I said during my campaign,” Rietz said. “I was looking forward to making changes, and this election is a validation of all the hard work we’ve done in the last four years.”

Miller-Jones was also at the Brookens institute on election night when the results were announced.

Rietz said she plans to continue with the work that she has been doing the past four years as Champaign County state’s attorney.

“I’m going back to work,” said Rietz of her plans for the next day.

Rietz has been active in University and student-related issues, specifically campus safety. She worked on a safety committee with University officials to keeps students safe for special events such as Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day and the threat letter found before Halloween.

“I can’t say I have specific plans,” said Rietz. “I’m always open to concerns of the campus community.”

Champaign Mayor Gerald Schweighart commented on the candidates and the campaigns they ran.

“Both are quality candidates. They’ve run good campaigns on issues,” said Schweighart. “I think (Rietz) runs a very good campaign about being nonpartisan.”

Rietz has served as the Champaign County state’s attorney for the past four years. She said she wants to continue to do a good job serving Champaign county.

“I’m very excited,” said Rietz.

Nicola Crean, Mark Rivera and Kate Szyszka contributed to this report.