Students crowd Grainger, Undergrad


Erica Magda

By Anahita Monga

With more than 40 different locations to choose from, selecting where to study during finals can be a difficult decision for students.

While some students would choose to study in their rooms, thousands of others go to a library.

“I usually go to Grainger because I like the atmosphere there; it is good to study,” said Heather Addis, senior in Media.

The Grainger Engineering Library and the Undergraduate Library seem to be among the more popular libraries among University students. One of the reasons is because they both will be constantly open until Dec. 19 for students to come in and study whenever they want.

“We like to accommodate to the overwhelming demand of students who want to study,” said Josh Bishoff, graduate assistant at Grainger.

Another reason why these libraries are so popular among students is because of their convenient locations.

“Grainger is so close to my apartment and to Green Street, so it’s convenient to come here,” said Pranav Singhvi, sophomore in Engineering.

According to Undergraduate Library head Lisa Hinchliffe, the Undergrad and Grainger are so popular because they offer the most seating. Still, they can get pretty crowded and students often find it hard to find a quiet place to study. Bishoff said that almost 1,300 students come to Grainger to study during finals.

Addis said she usually goes to the corner cubicles on the second floor at Grainger because you can’t hear any noise there.

Other libraries that students can go to for quiet studying are the Communications Library in Gregory Hall or the Main Library. The Communications Library is open until 10 p.m. and is a little less crowded.

The Main Library is another option for students looking for a quieter place to review their notes.

“If students have trouble finding places to study they should come to the Main Library because there are lots of different quiet libraries, like the English Library on the fourth floor,” said Merinda Hensely, instruction librarian at the Main Library.