Generous freshman’s ISR dorm room robbed

By Hannah Hess

An African-American male in his late 20s, claiming to be a University student with car troubles, stole $176 cash from the wallet of a freshman student in a Townsend Hall dorm room early Sunday, according to a campus police report.

The offender, who identified himself as “Tyler,” knocked on the victim’s door Saturday night claiming to need money for a tow. The victim loaned the suspect $20, promising more money the following day. Sunday morning the offender returned to the student’s dorm room to collect the rest of the money, then the two left the room together. The offender, a 5-foot 7-inch man last seen wearing a black puffy jacket and beanie hat, claimed he was having cell phone troubles and returned to the dorm room alone. In the student’s absence he stole the remaining money from his wallet.

Campus police lieutenant Roy Acree said the suspect has not yet been caught but the “trick” was a common offense. He said people living on their own for the first time and the elderly were particularly vulnerable to such crimes.

“Don’t give them any money and don’t let them inside,” he said in a warning to local residents. “Offer to make a phone call for them and then call the police.”