UPDATE: New emergency text message system tested

By Rachel Small

The University tested its Illini-Alert system around 10 a.m. this morning, including the new option of receiving text alerts.

However, the results of that test will take at least a day to process, according to Todd Short, director of the University’s office of campus emergency planning.

Subscribers to the system should have received a test message by e-mail, cell phone or both, depending on what they had signed up for. Short said around 25,000 people had signed up for the system as of yesterday.

At least some of the subscribers received their test alerts this morning.

Jaqi Panizzo, freshman in LAS, said she received a text. Panizzo said she thought the system was convenient.

“I normally have my phone on me all the time,” she said.

Not all students who expected a message received one, however. The reasons for that are not yet evident.

“I am signed up but I did not receive anything,” said Lauren Onderisin, freshman in LAS.

Ondersin said she was not concerned about not getting the test alert.

“It’s a new process, they’re still working out the kinks with it,” she said