Candidate Dan Weber leads preliminary trustee results

Dan Weber was unofficially announced the winner of the student trustee election Thursday night.

Of the 17 percent of the student body who voted in this year’s election, he received about 33 percent of the votes.

When he was announced the winner, Weber, along with some of his friends who were present, exploded into cheers.

“I feel really, really good,” Weber said.

“It’s a huge burden off me after campaigning, all the late-night chalking and the early-morning hanging fliers. I’m finally done and it paid off.”

Weber said starting Friday he plans to go back to all of the groups that supported him and thank their members. Several cultural houses, the College Democrats and the Graduate Employees Organization endorsed him.

Weber is a sophomore and will assume the role of student trustee as a junior, a position usually held by a senior. He does not think his age will negatively affect him.

“I think it will give me a lot more energy and time,” Weber said.

He said he thinks he will be able to devote all his energy to the student trustee position and not be distracted by issues seniors typically face.

Coming in second place was Matt Reschke, junior in LAS, followed by Roberto Martell, junior in LAS.

“I’ve been telling people this has been an incredible experience,” Reschke said.

While disappointed he did not win, he is pleased by the things he learned during the campaign. He plans to spend the rest of this year preparing for the MCAT and keeping involved in his position as vice president of the Interfraternity Council.

Although Martell said he was also a little disappointed with the outcome, he was pleased he had run just because of the learning experience of campaigning and having the chance to represent the students.

He plans to continue to advocate for students’ rights and remain active in Students for Chief Illiniwek, the Registered Student Organization of which he is president.

Weber plans to meet with administrative officials as early as possible to discuss important issues facing the University.

He said he will also spend some time with current trustee Paul Schmitt to learn more about the role and University issues.

Following the announcement of the election results, Mike Wilson, chairman of the Student Election Commission, said a hearing will be held Friday afternoon to address the complaints that many candidates have filed against Weber.