Dan Weber accused of misconduct, not certified as trustee

By Sarah Small

In a hearing Friday afternoon, the student election commission unanimously decided not to authorize Dan Weber as student trustee elect due to violation of many student election commission regulations.

Second place winner, Matt Reschke will assume the role of student trustee elect.

Multiple students presented evidence that Weber had broken student election commission regulations that dictate proper campaigning, including former student trustee candidates Matt Reschke, Martin St.Aubin and Chris Cox. Current student trustee Paul Schmitt also provided testimony against Weber.

The formal complaints brought against him were that he was campaigning within in 50 feet of public computer labs and in the computer labs, displaying campaign signs in illegal places such as classrooms, campaigning in University residence halls and University dining halls without a permit, tearing down other candidates signs and destroying other candidates chalking on the Quad.

“I think he close to violated every rule in the (SEC) rules packet,” Reschke said.