Campus polls seeing few voters

By Jill Disis

Polling booths at Snyder Hall were quiet this morning as Champaign County’s spring elections got underway.

As of 9:45 a.m., the location had received no voters, a poll worker said.

Students said they were not interested in the election and did not plan to vote.

Spencer Pokorski, election judge at Daniels Graduate Hall, said when the polls opened at 6 a.m. until around 11 a.m. there were only 5 voters. He said he doesn’t expect a lot of people to come here to vote.

Pokorski said most students don’t care about who the mayor of Urbana is. It is not like the fall elections because students aren’t concerned with the issues, except or the 1 percent sales tax increase.

Pokorski said the hall expects to get about 30 voters for the entire day.

“There’s nothing going on here,” he said. “If we exceed 46 people, then we have to call the county clerk for more ballots.”

As of 2:00 PM the McKinley Foundation had seen four voters.

“I just don’t know anything about any of the people,” said Amy Holmstrom, freshman in LAS.

Holmstrom did say she saw advertisements for the election but said the exposure did not convince her to vote.

Yifan Wang, freshman in LAS, said she did not have any interest in voting for the election and she did not think any of her friends were planning to vote.

“There’s been no coverage,” Wang said.

Sara Kerfoot, freshman in LAS, said she was not voting in Champaign because she cast an absentee vote in her home township, Lisle Township in northern Illinois.

“(We) certainly hope that more people come in,” said Chris Wright, election judge.