Library exhibit honors behind-the-scenes staff

By Shannon Failla

With the advance in technology over the past few decades, the role of the librarian has significantly changed over time.

Still, the University library has posted an exhibit to honor 208 of its support staff members.

“These are the people who work behind the scenes,” said Cindy Kelly, head of library human resources.

This is the fourth year University support staff members have been honored.

“Every year we try to expand it,” Kelly said.

The theme of this year’s exhibit is “along the journey of a book there are many stars on the way,” she said.

Kelly said library human resources hopes the exhibit will get exposure because of its location. The exhibit board is located in the main hallway on the first floor of the library.

“It gets a lot of exposure, so we are happy,” Kelly said. “Instead of tucking it away on the fourth floor, it’s right out here for everyone to see.”

However, with search engines like Google, EBSCO and Infotrac at users’ fingertips, many students feel that there is no need to visit a library.

Greg Richardson, senior in LAS, said that it has been a couple of years since he has needed assistance at the library.

Now that students use their own computers and laptops at home, reasons to visit the library are decreasing. Still, some students think knowing the basics of library research is valuable.

“Professors expect students to know how to research. It would be nice to have seminars offered,” said Sean Kennedy, senior in LAS.

Seminars hosted by the library could create an increase in student visitors while also being beneficial for students who need help with research, Kennedy said.

Guest speakers could be another way the library could bring more students in, said Bridget McMahon, freshman in DGS.

“I would attend a speech if I found the subject interesting,” McMahon said.

Though some students have drifted away from using libraries, there are still many jobs that librarians and support staff members do that go unnoticed.

The exhibit recognizing them will be on display until April 20.