Board of Trustees to wait on tuition rates

Incoming freshman and their families will have to wait a little while longer to find out tuition rates for Fall.

Tuition, which is usually discussed in May, is not on the agenda for the University Board of Trustees meeting this Thursday in Chicago.

University Relations spokesperson Tom Hardy said the state budget for the University is a key factor in determining tuition rates for incoming freshmen, and since the state budget has not been set, the board will wait to discuss tuition at a later date.

Hardy said although the next board meeting is scheduled for July, he expects the board will hold a special meeting to finalize tuition, possibly sometime in June.

Past rates show around a nine percent increase from year to year, Hardy said, however students should expect a smaller increase than this for Fall.

Although rates have not been set, Hardy said incoming freshmen should have a basic idea of their expenses. He said room and board rates, which usually represent half of the overall cost, have already been set, in addition to student fee costs.

Adding these rates to the current tuition rate should give students a base cost to work with, Hardy said.

With the current economic situation, however, Hardy said he understands student’s and their families’ needs to know the financial commitment required as soon as possible.

“We are as anxious as they are,” Hardy said.