Economy on minds of LAS grads, speakers

The recession and struggling economy are on the minds of many as the summer approaches.

At the department of communication graduation from the college of LAS Saturday, the economy was a main point of discussion for speakers.

Alumni convocation speaker, Stephen Bardo talked about the need for students to form connections from the University.

“The first thing I want you all to do is join the Alumni Association,” Bardo said at the ceremony. “It can assist you in every aspect of your career.”

Bardo graduated from the University and went on to play professional basketball. Bardo now works for ESPN.

Bardo also addressed students with tips for becoming successful in today’s job market.

“The theory is that there is no straight line to success,” he said. “You have to develop a thick skin, find your passion and outwork the competition.”

The student speaker at the ceremony, Mark Pradun, talked about the value of an University degree in the current job market.

“We’re in the midst of the worst financial crisis any of us or our parents have seen,” Pradun said.

However, he also explained that a University degree could aid in getting through this crisis.

“In the school of communications, we learn skills for living and skills for working,” he explained. “We need people to understand the changing future.”

Other graduates from the college of LAS expressed their fears for the job market.

“We’re just hoping to get jobs,” said graduate Ashley Hildebrandt. “We’re eager.”

Pradun ended his speech by explaining that this recession would eventually be overcome.

“This financial crisis is not an other worldly fear, its a passing storm,” he said. “It just might take a few years.”