Gov. Quinn to make high-speed rail a reality in Ill.

In a press conference on Friday, Gov. Patrick Quinn called on the Illinois General Assembly to move forward on President Obama’s commitment to a nation-wide high-speed rail system.

“I’m asking the legislature to follow President Obama’s lead and invest in the growth and efficiency for transportation in Illinois by appropriating funds in the capital bill needed to make high-speed rail a reality,” said Governor Quinn.

A high-speed rail route running between St. Louis and Chicago would be the most prominent use of the new transportation system in Illinois. The high-speed rail is said to “allow for reduced travel times and more round-trips scheduled each day,” according to a press release from Gov. Patrick Quinn’s office.

President Obama has allocated $8 billion to the nationwide high-speed passenger rail. Illinois would need $400 million more in funding to construct the high speed rail system. $2.7 billion will be needed to finance the St. Louis-Chicago rail.