Trustees approve plan for Global Campus 2.0

The Board of Trustees approved a resolution that will put Global Campus on the path to some major reconstruction.

The resolution puts into motion a concept devised in part by a group of administrators from the three University of Illinois campuses. The committee, organized by Prof. Nick Burbules, chair executive committee for the Urbana student-faculty senate, proposed the idea of Global Campus 2.0.

Global Campus 2.0 will work in close cooperation with community colleges throughout the state to provide an educational opportunity for students who are not able to attend a traditional four-year college.

However Trustee James Montgomery was optimistic of the resolution, and urged it go to forward.

“The problems to interacting with junior colleges and getting a back degree are problems that out administrators can work out,” he said. “We can’t do anything to interrupt the progress that these [current Global Campus students] are making. I think we need to really come together, and not delay this process, but pass this resolution.”

Although the resolution was unanimously approved, some trustees voiced concerns about encountering a faculty reluctant to come forth with education programs and the costs of redirecting the path of Global Campus.

“The discussion around this board is very admirable, the mission is embraced and love by all of us,” said Trustee Devon Bruce. “For me, we have a fiscal responsibility to watch the money. At some point, we have a duty to say, ‘Wait a minute, is this the right path we are taking?'”

University relations spokesperson Tom Hardy saw the unanimity in a positive way.

“There is a lot of support and praise that administrators and faculty worked together,” Hardy said. “As President White and several trustee members have said, everyone remains committed.”

Several trustees also voiced concerns about cooperation from faculty members to create sufficient academic programs for students. This was one of the original problems with Global Campus.

Chairman of the Board, Niranjan Shah, recommended President B. Joseph White, works with the chancellors of the University campuses to create a work plan for the new entity. He said this would help clarify issues of leadership and other logistics of the modified program.

“I welcome this direction because, from my point of view, the sooner the better,” White said.

Plans for Global Campus will soon have to be made for the next Board of Trustees meeting.

“These resources are available online for prospective students where attending one of the land campuses is difficult to do,” Hardy said. “They have to get the game plan together to present to the Board of Trustees by the July meeting.”