YMCA hosts eighth annual Dump and Run

As the school year drew to a close, the question of what to do all that “stuff” accumulated over the year was on the mind of many students. The University YMCA had an answer—donate reusable items to support student programs.

From the beginning of finals week until August 15, the eighth annual Dump and Run fundraiser will collect goods ranging from furniture to non-perishable food. All of the items will then be sold at a garage sale event at the University of Illinois Stock Pavillion, 1402 W. Pennsylvania Ave.

Throughout the summer months, the YMCA requires volunteers to help with all facets of the operation.

“We have people collect items, sort items and pack things up. There are tasks for every kind of individual to do,” said Becca Guyette, development director for the University YMCA.

Volunteers, who are most often University students but can also be members from the larger community, work for more than six hours and are given first priority when the sale begins in August. This means they get to shop the sale early and have a chance to purchase all types of specialty goods.

Eddie Seliga, a recent graduate of the University, has been volunteering for Dump and Run for two weeks.

He describes his job as “picking up boxes, sorting, packing and putting them onto the truck.”

Seliga decided to volunteer after the school year ended. “I saw that they needed people and I didn’t have a job. I thought it would be a good thing to do,” he said.

In the end, the sale benefits students in two ways. The main group that attends the sale in August is students.

“There’s a high population of international students (who shop at the event). Many come with just two suitcases when they arrive in this country,” Guyette said.

Alternatively, proceeds from the sale support University YMCA operations and provide funds for student groups such as Alternative Spring Break, Students for Environmental Concerns and Engineers Without Borders