Mirsung Indian Grocery opens in Campustown

Campustown shoppers have a new choice when it comes to groceries since Mirsung Indian Grocery, 49 E. Green St., opened on Sunday.

Co-owned by Manoj Shenoy and Renita Pinto, both of Champaign, the Mirsung offers frozen foods, local delicacies and fresh produce.

Shenoy, who is also the director of cardiovascular services at Carle Foundation Hospital, said he decided to open the store to provide another option for Indian foods to local residents.

“We wanted to give customers a choice. Our prices are very low with high volume and good customer service,” he said.

Priya Tariqoppula, a student at Texas A&M; University who is interning at the University, provides accounting services and maintains records for the store. Despite being open for less than a week, she says that best sellers so far at Mirsung have been chips, chipati (fried flat bread) and instant foods such as frozen samosas (a stuffed pastry).

“We are planning to get more things. We are asking people if they are looking for different foods and brands. So far, 150 people have signed up (to give suggestions),” Tariqoppula said.

Mirsung is open seven days a week and, to accommodate interest, will be open until 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Also there is a 15 percent off sale on anything in the store.