Phone service to central campus ‘degraded’

A mass e-mail sent out to the University campus reported problems with phone service to areas in the central part of the campus


“Phone service to the central part of the campus has been degraded. It is

suspected that this is due to a buildup of moisture in the phone cable

conduit. The moisture is believed to be the result of issues with

underground steam facilities and is not weather related. The impacted area

is approximately south of Green Street, west of Lincoln Avenue, north of

Gregory Drive and east of Fifth Street and includes both the Henry

Administration Building and the Swanlund Administration Building.

CITES staff is working with Facilities & Services and AT&T; to resolve the

phone problems as soon as possible. Phone calls to the affected areas are

going through but you may experience poor connection quality (e.g., static

on the line or an abundance of background noise). To report a problem,

please contact CITES Customer Service at 333-1161.

At the present time, we do not have an estimate about when phone service in

the affected area will be restored to normal. Please check CITES Status of

Services for on-going updates:”