Admissions Commission says board members should submit resignations

The Illinois Admissions Review Commission panel recommended Thursday in its final report that all trustees should submit resignations. Gov. Pat Quinn will then choose which members of the Board of Trustees to accept.

The Commission recommended that new board members conduct a review of the University’s president, the chancellor of the Champaign campus and other university administrators.

Quinn has said he’ll move quickly on any recommendations.

The commission has been investigating claims that certain applicants to the University received special treatment based on political connections through a series of open meetings, ultimately to suggest reforms to improve the fairness and transparency of the admissions process.

The commission voted last week to recommend that all nine voting trustees resign following revelations that the University maintained a list of politically connected applicants and admitted some over better-qualified candidates. Gov. Pat Quinn previously asked for the resignations of all board members.

Two board members, board chairman Niranjan Shah and Lawrence Eppley, have already resigned.

The Commission will submit a written report outlining its examination and recommendations by August 8.