Quinn wants board members to resign

Following the release of the Admission Review Commission’s report on Thursday which among other recommendations, called for the resignation of all Board of Trustee members, Gov. Pat Quinn has said he hopes all six remaining board members resign.

In an interview earlier Friday on WDWS Radio, Quinn said he hopes the remaining trustees will read the Illinois Admissions Review Commission’s report this weekend and submit their voluntary resignations “over the next few days.”

“It’s not about any one person. Its about the University and its reputation and how it goes forward,” said Quinn in an interview.

Trustees Niranjan Shah, Lawrence Eppley and Ed McMillan have already resigned. Quinn will consider reappointing McMillan, the most recently appointed trustee.

Quinn said he’d like to have a new board seated by the next trustee meeting, Sept. 11.

Quinn also voiced his support for the an inspector general to oversee the Board of Trustees and an open review process for admissions applications, as the Admissions Review Commission had recommended.

Additionally, Quinn said he’d like a new Board of Trustees to perform “a complete, immediate, through review” of school administrators.

The University has released a public statement on Aug. 6, thanking the commission and stating that the University will immediately reform its admissions process.

“To that end, the applicant tracking system known as “Category I” ends immediately, and the office for Governmental Relations is specifically prohibited from having any role in admissions,” said the University statement.

President B. Joseph White will hold a University-wide meeting next Thursday to discuss how to implement a firewall around admissions.

“It will be the first step towards implementing some of the recommendations that the commission made yesterday. Some of which had been included in a letter of suggestion the University provided to the commission,” said Tom Hardy, University spokesman.

“The outcome of the meeting is action plans and assigned responsibilities,” White said.

Changes need to be made in order to restore confidence in the University, said Matt Reschke, student trustee.

“Some changes should also be made to restore confidence in the University’s Trustees and administrators,” Reschke said.

Quinn has stated that the University must move quickly in implementing the commission’s recommendations.

“I think its important to realize that what we are dealing with is the reputation of one of the greatest universities on plant earth,” Quinn said.

Audio from Gov. Pat Quinn: http://www.illinois.gov/ioci/iisradio.cfm