University trustee McMillan submits resignation

Board member Edward McMillan submitted his resignation to Gov. Pat Quinn.

He says he wants to comply with the recommendation of a commission that investigated the role of political clout in university admissions.

The Illinois Admissions Review Panel Thursday called on all board members to voluntarily resign and let Quinn decide if he wants to keep them.

McMillan was appointed by Quinn in May and says he still would like to serve on the board.

But he says the most important issue is that the University regain the confidence of the public and those at the University.

Student trustee Matt Reschke said that Quinn’s proposal is right in line with the commission’s suggestion and hopes McMillan will be reappointed.

“Even though his name wasn’t tarnished, this gives him tremendous opportunity to set his name straight,” Reschke said.

If accepted, McMillan’s resignation would be effective in 90 days.