Faculty members receive grant to research abroad

Seven faculty members from the University received 2009-2010 Fulbright Scholar Grants.

According to the Illinois News Bureau, the grants are for research and lecturing abroad. The recipients include:

Steven Anderson, professor in the School of Social Work, will be lecturing at Nankai University in Tianjin, China from Feb. to June on social policy and development in rapidly transforming societies.

Eyamba Bokamba, professor of linguistics, has been at the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren, Belgium since September. Bokamba is researching comprehensive reference grammar of Lingala and will continue his research until Feb.

Sherban Lupu, professor in the School of Music, has been at the Gheorghe Dima Academy of Music in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and the George Enescu University of Arts in Iasi, Romania since October. Lupu is researching the folk music of Romania and lecturing on virtuoso violin playing and will continue through May.

Elizabeth Oyler, professor of East Asian languages and cultures, will research at the Japanese National Literature Institute in Tokyo from Jan. to May. Oyler will be doing research on her project called “The Road to the East: Traveling the Tokaido in Medieval Japanese Narrative and Drama.”

Christopher Prom, professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, has been at the University of Dundee in Scotland since August. Prom will continue studying methods of identifying, preserving and providing access to electronic records through June.

Jeffrey Roesler, professor of civil and environmental engineering, has been at the Catholic University of Chile in Satiago since August. Roesler’s research includes advancements on and requirements of concrete pavement design and materials. Roesler will continue his research through December.

Lawrence Schook, professor in biomedical sciences, will lecture at the University of Salzburg in Austria from March to July on the evolutionary and developmental genomics of regeneration and host responsiveness.

According the News Bureau, the University recipients are seven of 800 Americans that have received the Fulbright Scholar Grant.