Champaign bars face fines after fall barscramble

Eleven Champaign campus bars were served with notices on Monday night by Champaign Police after violating the city’s “happy hour” ordinance.

Sgt. Scott Friedlein of the Champaign Police Department said that Illinois state law prohibits drinking games of any kind to occur within bars.

10 of the bars have been accused of advertising and hosting drinking games as a part of “Fall Barscramble 2009,” including Clyborne’s, 706 S. Sixth St.; Fubar, 306 E. Green St.; Firehaus, 708 S. Sixth St.; Geovanti’s, 401 E. Green St.; It’s Brothers Bar and Grill, 613 E. Green St.; Kam’s, 618 E. Daniel St.; Legends, 522 E. Green St.; Murphy’s 604 E. Green St.; Station, 211 E. Green St .; and White Horse Inn, 112 E. Green St.

The 11th, Joe’s, 706 S. Fifth St.; has been accused of promoting its drinking event.

Friedlein said the notices were served as the result of an ongoing police investigation, after the event was first promoted through advertisements and flyers. The bars have been cited for their violations, and preliminary trials will run December 14th through the 15th, he said. All 11 businesses can either take the plea or go to the hearing, said Friedlein. If found guilty they will face fines ranging from $500 to $2000 or even temporary suspension, Friedlein added.

Champaign Mayor Jerry Schweighart is looking to suspend the bars, Friedlein said. He also said that several of the 1,000 Barscramble participants were hospitalized Monday night, although the number for how many has yet to be confirmed.