Primary elections remain unsettled

As of Tuesday, the governor primary race remains undecided. Three republican candidates remain neck in neck. Bill Brady had 20.3, Kirk Dillard had 20.2 and Andy McKenna 19.3 percent.

Mark Shelden, Champaign County clerk, said that if the votes go to a full recount, the primary race could continue into March.

Recently, Brady took a slim lead over Dillard. Champaign County’s votes seem to have helped push Brady into first place.

“We certainly gave him a lot of votes,” said Mark Shelden.

According to the unofficial results from the Champaign County clerk’s office Web site, 49.07 percent of Champaign County’s votes went to Brady.

Shelden also confirms that Al Reynolds, of Danville, has entered the race as a Republican nominee for senate. Sheldon said Reynolds has enough votes, however, nothing is official.