Blizzard causes several collisions in Champaign County

Several weather-related accidents occurred throughout Champaign County today as a result of the snowfall.

Icing on the road is believed to have been a factor in at least two of the crashes.

An MTD bus was rear-ended by a car around 3:00p.m. on Friday at the intersection of 4th and Gregory in Champaign. The car, according to MTD Operating Supervisor Mark Cunningham, slipped through the stop sign and proceeded to run into the back rear of the bus.

“The damages were minor, and there were no injuries,” said Cunningham.

The bus was heading southbound, and was halfway through the intersection when the car, traveling westbound, slipped through the stop sign and hit the bus. There was minor property damage.

A black BMW going northbound on Third st. struck a silver Toyota going westbound on Green st. at approximately 1:52 p.m. A ticket was issued to the BMW driver by the Champaign police. The driver refused to comment. The collision occurred very close to a Roland Realty office building located at the intersection. No one was injured in the accident, according to a Champaign police officer at the scene.

Another accident resulted in the death of a 16-year-old Pesotum resident when she struck the guardrail for the bridge over the Hacket Branch waterway. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene by the Champaign County Coroners Office.

A third accident occurred on Cardinal Road and was a single vehicle crash involving a 41-year-old Champaign resident and an 18-year-old occupant. The driver was transported to Carle Hospital with what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries.

Marty Malone contributed to this report.