Dillard wants all ballots counted

Kirk Dillard, Republican candidate for Illinois Governor, said the ballot counting process in the GOP Primary must continue until all ballots have been verified.

Approximately 400 votes separate Senators Dillard and Bill Brady.

“With over 750-thousand votes cast, this is a .0005 of a percent difference. So, in a race this close, it’s important that every vote count,” Dillard said.

He added that estimates show there are almost 5,000 provisional ballots still uncounted. 1,000 absentee ballots also remain and up to 5,000 could still be in the mail.

“I wish we could resolve this today,” Dillard said. “But the reality is that it takes time for election authorities to do their job and for these votes to be counted.”

Some election officials have said they will wait until February 15 or 16 to count their absentee and provisional ballots. Dillard said the GOP remains committed to defeating Governor Quinn in November.

“The Republican Party is unified behind balancing our budget, putting people back to work and cleaning up Springfield. Senator Brady and I are absolutely committed to this goal, regardless of who’s the nominee,” Dillard said.

He added that the two campaign staffs have been staying in touch.